Monday, January 07, 2008

not-kenny says:

During my last class outing before enlistment, i travelled halfway across Singapore with a plastic bag and a 1.5l of Heaven and Earth Jasmine Green Tea.

Hmmm, i'm not complaining, i'll gladly do it again if we have another class outing.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

TA DAH! the long awaited new post!

In loving tribute of our final Skill C, D physics SPA (in which we are encouraged to draw diagrams) which ended last last wk, I’ll update our class blog with diagrams.

So, last last tuesday, was Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day

and the (more or less) nearest shop happened to be at VivoCity

which most of us went to, albeit in groups ‘cos some of us still have official lessons (whether any teaching took place is another question; with particular reference to the history class). By right, we were all there to supposedly eat free ice cream. By left, err…

Well, try again next year?

Disclaimer: see previous post

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Week 1

Since the class blog has been qute silent for some time, i'll update with events on our first week back in sch.

As could be seen on the first day, our class quickly settled back into our 'normal' ways which includes being late for lessons and pretending that we don't have tonnes of homework waiting to be done.

Our tutors remain more or less the same (so far i think) with only a small change in which a Mrs Patricia Khor replaces Ms Sarizah as gp tutor.
However, Ms Sarizah remains as our CT. Mrs Tay is also back, to make us all in the 'right mood' to do our chem tutorials again.

Meanwhile, here's wishing the OGLs and the councillor fr our class all the best 4 the remaining 2 days of Orientation. And to those who have/had fever or have/had a very deep voice/no voice at all, get well soon.

Disclaimer: The above content ain't the opinion of the class but is the rather narrow POV of a dude not called
Kenny. Sorry if it's not objective enough.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

Class Outing at Sentosa

Hi 06S14 peeps=),

here i am with the details of the class outing. Well before i actually move on the details, i thought a online poll will be good to select the date. Vote on all the days that you will be available..

Class Outing At Sentosa

Select on your available dates..

4 December 2006
5 December 2006
6 December 2006
7 December 2006
8 December 2006

The dates are only for next week and on the weekdays as the next few weeks some of us will be having the volunteering work as at MeTro and also i thought weekends are normally spend with family..
Brief Schedule for the Outing

12:00pm-1:30pm: Meeting up at Jurong East MRT Control Station / Journey to Sentosa
1:30pm- 2:45pm: Lunch at Sentosa if ur want ( Location wise we can decide when we reach there)
2:45pm - 6:30pm: Siloso Beach
6:30pm -7:00pm: Head to Musical Fountain
7:40pm - 8:10pm: Musical Fountain Show
8:10pm:Home sweet home

7.40pm show is a popular time slot so yeah we have to go there early to avoid disappointment... Hmm, for the show we have to get seated down before 7:00pm as the gate will be closed..

Hmm, regarding the transport there.. After we alight at HabourFront Bus interchange, we can take the orange Sentosa bus..
Expenses ( Transport and admission ONLY)

Bus fare: S$1 (Payment at the Sentosa Visitor Arrival Centre) ..that is if your are agreeable on taking the bus to Sentosa
Island admission:S$2
Suggested Items to bring

Wallet & cash ( we might just forgot this obvious items)
Extra Clothings / Footwear (unless your decided to stay wet for the whole day)
Sunblock-at least 15 SPF ( It is still possible to get a tan even with sunblock on)
Lip balm with sunscreen
Aloe Vera Gel
Protective Barriers against the sun ( Sunglasses , Caps)
Water & Snacks
Umbrella / Windbreakers/ Ponchos ( It might just rain but touchwood)
Beach mat(Please also tag at the tagboard if you are bringing this item.. Thanks)

Suggested Activities


Hmm, anyone who is willing to bring volleyball or frisbee , please tag at the tagboard and indicate who you are.. Thanks..

Regarding the selected date, i will blog about it again.. Please settle on the day soon.. Hopefully on the 3rd December 2006.. After polling, please tag and indicate who you are and which day you will be available ( can be more than 1 of the given days).. I will then compile the people available on each dates..

Altruistic =)

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hey guys, i dunno how many of you already have this paper but those who went for last friday's lesson should have it. Those who went are supposed to pass the message and I actually lugged some of the paper back home. But since we don't seem to be having another outing any time soon (reverse psychology being used here), I just put it on the blog lor. Anyway, please leave a message if you've seen this.

And unless you guys and gals and dube have any comments, I'll be selling the paper I took home to the garang gunee. I could do with some extra cash. =)

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Friday, November 17, 2006

New Record Low For Class Attendance

reported by Kenny the Rabbit

In an amazing show of class unity today, an overwhelming majority of the class ponned chem. tutorial today. A record no. of 4 ppl attended (in order of appearance: Joel, Kun Tat, Deya, Elson).

The original plan by the foursome to pon the lesson at 10.45 (the lesson was supposed to start at 10.30) was thwarted by the dramatic arrival of Mrs Jasima at 10.44. During the duration of the lesson (about 30 min), Mrs Jasima went through the answers for Q5 & Q6 of the tutorial of Carbonyl Compounds. She also revealed that Ms Sarizah might follow the class up next year.

Very good lor, pang seh us…

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hey peeps, Piglet here, sorry for taking so long to tell you guys the Metro-SIF Project schedule. These few days i kept getting phone calls that goes like these:
"Hello? Penny ar? eh, when is my Metro tingy slot huh?"
Especially sorry to Kuntat the rabbit. He called and repeated the above sentence at least 3 times! So sorry!!! Sumi-masen! (heehee, learnt from Ili)
okie, here's the time slots... eh, wait, how to add table huh? okie, fine. i'll do it without table.
12&13 december------------------Ting^2 and Alvin
14&15&16 december-------------Dee^2 and Piglet
17&18 december------------------Yuzhen and Gordon
19&20 december------------------Kenny and Elson
21 december-----------------------Kenny and Yaodong
22december------------------------Elson and Yaodong
23&24 december------------------Laavanyah and Zayim
Ta-dah! Done! okie, the details are as follows: everyone will be performing our duties will be at Metro Paragon on your assigned dates, time will be from 10am-3pm. allowance= $7/day.
Done! Gd night! Gotta wake up 5am tmr...(T_T)

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Hey ppl, the pending results are out and seriously, they're not v. feasible.. We gotta have more class gatherings.. Those who're working, please please try to come down for any events we are going to plan k..?

While I was reading other classes blog, I came to a self-realisation tat time is short in J.C.. I hope we would really bond as a class. (Okay, okay, I noe it's called C.T, not class) Those who thinks tat we can't bond as a class, please just make the effort to try to bond.. Results might be unexpected..

Last but not least, I wanna ask..WHEN ARE WE GOING TO ESCAPE THEME PARK!?!? Haha.. Do blog the details up! Thx..

Oh, Oh ya.
  1. Class chalet, anybody..? Do sms me ur replies to my mobile phone..! Thx..
  2. Class T-shirt, anybody..? Ermmm, this sms to Ting Ting lohz, since she said she's going to do the design..

Tat's all. :-)

- J.J -

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